hierapolisdifrigia_viii_bAs part of the series “Hierapolis of Phrygia,” directed by Francesco D’Andria, is now released the volume VIII, in two parts, F. D’Andria, M.P. Caggia, Ismaelli T. (eds), Hierapolis Of Phrygia VIII. 1-2 The activities of the excavation and restoration campaigns 2007-2011, Yayinlari publisher, Istanbul 2016, 911 pp., with b/w and color illustrations, in Italian with summaries in Turkish.

Vol. VIII.1: ISBN 978-605-9680-12-7

Vol. VIII.2: ISBN 978-605-9680-13-4

The publication, dedicated to the memory of Maria Pia Rossignani, has been produced with the financial contribution of the Italian Ministry of Education for the project “Landscape Archaeology in Anatolia: multidisciplinary research in Hierapolis of Phrygia and the Salbakos region ” (PRIN – Relevant National Interest Projects, 2008).


Download the first pages with the table of contents and the Introduction by F. D’Andria.