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CSIG (Coroplastic Studies Interest Group)

CSIG project started in 2007 under the auspices of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), but soon acquired an international character. Activities and research interests of its members are published on-line on the newsletter is being issued twice a year, freely downloadable. Among the website’s contents, it is worth noticing the useful links and the discussion page, as well as the wide-ranging collection of all existing bibliography on coroplastics from 1956 up to now.

In English language.


Figure d’argilla

The main focus of the website, originated by the study carried out by A. Pautasso on votive offerings in Demeter sanctuary at Catania, is coroplastics in Sicily. The website aims to offer a space where on-going projects and bibliographical news pertaining this field can be displayed.

In Italian and English language.