fig. 4 Piranesi PaestumOn the occasion of new research commissioned by the Archaeological Park of Paestum, made autonomous with the recent MIBACT reform, on February 3, in the Museum of Paestum, a panel discussion on this issue will be held, with the participation of Enzo Lippolis (Rome), Massimo Osanna (Pompeii), Angela Pontrandolfo (Salerno) and Chiara Portal (Palermo).



Welcome and Introduction, at 17:00

New excavations and research in Greek Paestum, at 17: 15-18: 00

Gabriel Zuchtriegel, Francesca Luongo, Francesco Scelza


Round table, at 18: 15-19: 30

Enzo Lippolis, Massimo Osanna, Angela Pontrandolfo, Chiara Portal; moderates G. Zuchtriegel


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