camerascarica l’articolo in formato .pdfHippeis e ceramografi nella Sicilia arcaica tra ideologia aristocratica e linguaggio figurativo: analisi di una pisside stamnoide figurata dal deposito votivo di piazza San Francesco a Catania



Among the ceramic material of the votive deposit discovered in 1959 in Piazza San Francesco in Catania, there is a local black figure stamnoid pyxis still unpublished, extraordinary document of the development of Sikeliote ceramography of the Archaic period. The frieze depicts mounted warriors armed with helmet, spear and shield. An analysis of morphology, iconography and decorative technique, allows to identify the models, to sum up the traits characterizing the artistic personality of the painter and to place the pyxis in its historical and cultural framework, also trying to interpret the meaning of its presence among the anathemata of the sanctuary.