Author: P.G. Guzzo

Download article as .pdf: Ancora sulla stoà a U di Locri Epizefiri


We discuss again the relevance of the U-shaped stoa to the cult of Aphrodite; and its diachronic destination as a hestiatorion. It can be observed that in sanctuaries where the presence of a hestiatorion is attested, this is located within the related temenos. During symposiums the presence of hetairai was expected. In many sanctuaries (from Pyrgi to Erice) “sacred prostitutes” are documented, they are mentioned also in Epizephyrian Locris. We discuss the information on this subject contained in Iustinus and in Klearchos. We conclude by assuming the activity of hetairai, not of hierodulai, within the hestiatorion located in the U-shaped stoa.