mollodownload article as .pdf: Nuovi dati di età arcaica dai contesti abitativi indigeni di Tortora e Scalea: gli Enotri del Golfo di Policastro


In June 2017, a DICAM’s team from the University of Messina carried out a new plan of archaeological excavations on the site of Blanda Julia (Palecastro hill, Tortora-CS) and on the archaic site of Petrosa (Scalea, CS). These studies let us to define the Forum plan and its relationship with the residential area of Blanda and, as regards area 6000, to shed new light on the archaic phase of this settlement. The investigations at Petrosa let us to better know the archaic settlement, perhaps fortified, excavated by P.G. Guzzo in 1975. The housing settlements of Tortora and Petrosa (6th-5th century B.C.) are occupied by Enotrians people; the last research and the study of the indigenous and imported ceramics allow us to reconstruct the topography of the Gulf of Policastro and the trade relations with the Greek colonies between the middle VI and the beginning V sec. B.C.