Authors: L. Lepore, C. Giatti, M. Gras, G. Bejor, R. Belli Pasqua

Download article as .pdf: La “romanizzazione” dell’Italía ionica: nuovi dati


On March 15, 2019, at the University of Florence, took place the presentation of the Proceedings of the meeting “La romanizzazione dell’ Italía ionica. Aspetti e problemi ” edited by L. Lepore and C. Giatti, including an extensive chronicle of the two study days and twelve contributions on the cities and centers of Apulia, Lucania and Bruzio. On that occasion, Michel Gras, Giorgio Bejor and Roberta Belli Pasqua presented the Proceedings, focusing their contributions respectively on rural areas, urban realities, archaeological contexts. Given the particular character of the event, conducted and held in such an unconventional way, it was deemed appropriate to publish the texts of the three contributions – in their original form – to be read, if desired, as critical comments.