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Il progetto di conservazione e di risanamento della restaurata “Casa Romana” di Kos

download articles as .pdf: Il progetto di conservazione e di risanamento della restaurata “Casa Romana” di Kos

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Sideris The monument preserves the ruins of the domus revealed in Laurenzi’s excavation, upon which an attempt was made to identify and reconstitute the morphological features of the “Casa Romana” in a generalized reconstructive intervention during the period of Italian rule of Dodecanese. Aim of a recent study has been to rehabilitate the monument in terms of conservation and consolidation of its structural elements. In addition, in the same project the architectural and decorative characteristics of “Casa Romana” have been underscored and an attempt has been made to enhance the edifice in the monumental complex of the western archaeological zone of Kos.

Lo hestiatorion dell’Asklepieion di Kos

download article as .pdfLo hestiatorion dell’Asklepieion di Kos

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Livadiotti hestiatorion

This paper resumes the text of the IV mimiamb of Herodas, which, set at the Asklepieion of Kos, tells of the visit at the sanctuary of two women and their sacrifice of a cock to the god. In his tale the poet describes the monuments and works of art encountered and admired by the characters, description that has been widely studied and analyzed especially with regard to the altar, with the statues made by the sons of Praxiteles, and the famous paintings on the walls of the pronaos of the temple. So far, however, no scholar has focused on the last verses of the poem, in which, after the sacrifice of the cock, the two women purposed to go and eat their meal in the nearby oikoi. Taking inspiration from the text of Herodas, the article will confirm the destination as a ritual banquet hall of the building immediately to the south of the temple, the so-called “building D”, generally known as abaton; towards it, in fact, the two women may have gone after sacrifice to eat their meal.