Author: G. Arena

Download article as .pdf: Un “fiume di fogna”: il Tevere, Giovenale e la piscatrix Aurelia

Juvenal’s V satire describes the unequal relationship between patronus and cliens, but also offers the attestation of a female profession, that of a fishwife, and of an auroral environmental awareness, connected with the depletion of fish resources caused both by the pollution of the Tiber and indiscriminate fishing in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The data that can be deduced from the text of the satirical poet are confirmed thanks to the fruitful comparison established respectively with the inscription engraved on a marble funerary altar dedicated to a piscatrix and with the testimonies offered by Athenaeus of Naucratis and Galen of Pergamum about the spasmodic search for precious fishes by a wealthy élite resident in Rome.