Author: S. Privitera

Download article as .pdf: Considerazioni cronologiche e topografiche sull’impianto della necropoli di Kalyvia presso Festòs

The necropolis of Kalyvia was explored in 1901 to the North of the Phaistos hill. In spite of its early publication (1904), several pieces of information regarding the find-spots of the ceramic assemblages as well as the data on the structure of the various tombs remained ill-defined or unknown. Drawing on a fresh reading of Stephanos Xanthoudidis’ original fieldnotes, it is now possible to carry out a critical reappraisal of the necropolis. This will help reconstruct the single funerary assemblages and will enable to contextualize Kalyvia within the western Messara and to set it within the political framework of the LM II-IIIA2 early Knossian state. In this paper, in particular, an unpublished jug is presented, that is interpreted as an LM II heirloom discovered in the famous warrior grave inside tomb 8.