download article as .pdfAncora qualche nota su arma fulgentia e relativi destinatari tra Italia meridionale ed Etruria


A new comprehensive study concerning an Etruscan burial site of the late Hellenistic age, in the ancient area of eastern ager Clusinus, carried out by the author in collaboration with Visual Computing Lab of ISTI-CNR (Institute for Computer Science and Technologies of the National Research Council – Pisa, Italy) and the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria in Perugia, offers an opportunity for some reflections on the sidelines of the archaeological context stricto sensu, leading us to evaluate different layers of meaning. In particular, this paper focuses on cross-references and suggestions evoked by an exquisite Phrygian bronze helmet, the most precious item found in the innermost room of the tomb I in Sigliano: an excellent product of the south-Italic (Tarentine?) metallic craftsmanship, whose “exotic” origin raises many questions of a geographical, chronological and semantic nature, and requires to place the object back within the historical setting that generated it.