Author: E. Santagati

Download articole as .pdf: Un figlio, due madri: ancora sullo strano caso di Filippo V di Macedonia


This paper aims to study the problem of identifying the mother of Philip V of Macedon, particularly problematic due to the lack of sources. The tradition identifies two women as the mother of Philip V, Phthia and Chryseis: the first name is attested by epigraphic sources while the second by historiographic sources. The existence of two mothers is inadmissible. After a critical review of the positions expressed in the studies on the subject, we propose to consider the two names attested not as alternatives, but as identifiers of the same person: Phthia would represent the official name of the wife of Demetrius II and mother of Philip V, while Chryseis would be a nomen e natura, rich in propaganda implications, assigned to the same person.