Author: F.F. Di Bella

Download article as .pdf: L’officina di Endoios e Philergos

This paper aims at analysing the historical and social context of the Late-Archaic sculpture workshops through the case study of two renewed sculptors, Endoios and Philergos. The methodology takes into account the literary and epigraphic tradition, and the sculptures, in order to shed light on the specific features of Endoios and Philergos. Akr. 625 shows the style of this Attic workshop, that invents the type of kore with kolpos and paryphè at c. 530 BC. The hand of Endoios and Philergos also occurs on the friezes of the Siphnian Treasury at Delphi, that should be read as a unit. Lastly, a new interpretation of the lost signature on the shield of the Gigantomachy is outlined.