Author: O. Palio

Download article as .pdf: Osservazioni sulla presenza del Bicchiere Campaniforme nella Sicilia Orientale

This paper addresses the presence of elements linkable to the facies of the Bell Beaker in Eastern Sicily. It will focus on some artefacts from different sites in this part of the Island, starting from Beaker fragments of the Palombara Cave (near Syracuse), and including stone objects such as the archer’s bracelets, arrowheads, and perforated mace-heads. These new elements allow us to reconsider the meaning that these Bell Beaker elements may have had in consideration of the fact that, differently from the situation recorded in the territories of Palermo and Trapani, they are only occasionally attested in Eastern Sicilian assemblages and have little influence on the local subsequent cultural developments, if the survival of elements that can be referred to the Bell Beaker archaeological facies in later phases is excluded.