Author: F. De Stefano

Download article as .pdf: Appunti sul fenomeno urbano in Siritide nel VII secolo a.C. Assetti territoriali e dinamiche sociali

Over the past few years, new investigations at several sites in the coastal strip of Basilicata and new studies and research in the historical and archaeological fields have renewed attention around the issues related to Greek colonization in the Archaic period in this territory and the range of settlement, socio-cultural, economic and political experiences to which this phenomenon gave rise. This, in particular, with reference to the role that these experiences may have played in the poleogenetic dynamics of the area. In this framework, a central theme is represented by the correct focus on the nature and status of the communities that arose or were structured in more complex forms during the 8th and 7th cent. BC along this sector of the Ionian coast; from the point of view of social composition and cultural expressions and from that of the organization conferred on the space of habitation and land use. Therefore, the proposed paper wants to draw an overview of changes and innovations detectable in settlement patterns and material culture in the area between Sinni and Basento in the 7th cent. BC. The aim is to try to focus, from a systemic and diachronic perspective – that is, looking at all the components of the territorial system, their changes and their mutual and mutable relations –, dynamics and processes detectable in the ways in which communities in the area shape the space, define and display their cultural features and to establish forms of relationships among themselves and with external actors.