download article as .pdfIl restauro dei marmi antichi di palazzo Medici-Riccardi dopo l’alluvione di firenze del 1966


The flood in Florence in 1966 was really a tragedy, because it caused victims and damaged houses, shops and works of art, but at the same time it promoted the growth of restoration with international collaboration. The theory of Cesare Brandi established that the “epifania” of the work of art is indivisible from the matter of which it’s made, as a result the restoration must protect the material integrity of the work without making an artistic or storic falsehood. Whit regard to ancient marbles of Palazzo Medici – Riccardi, it’s very interesting that if their restoration (i.e. the removal of old remakings in plaster or in stucco) was the consequence of the nineteenth-century technical experience or the best solution in relation to the damages done by the flood and likewise the theory of Brandi.