Author: P. Brocato

Download article as .pdf: Residenze per l’élite enotria o templi greci nell’insediamento del Timpone della Motta (VIII-VII sec. a.C.) a Francavillla Marittima? 


The settlement of the Timpone della Motta (Cs-IT) represents one of the most important sites of the Oenotrian culture of the Ionian coast. The pre-colonial phase demonstrates a close contact with the Greek world which then intensified with the foundation of Sybaris and the progressive Hellenization. The research concerns three dwellings, identified in the excavations conducted by M. W. Stoop and M. Kleibrink on the top of the settlement, generally interpreted as temples. The architecture of the most ancient phases (8th-7th century BC) is examined in detail, providing new reconstructive elements also through comparisons with similar structures. Therefore a different interpretation of the stratigraphic and structural sequence and their functions is proposed.