copertina ridottaAuthor: Sergio Aiosa

Monografie di Archeologia Libica XXXIII, Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2012, pp. 232, ill. 209 b/n, 28 tav. f.t.

ISBN 978-88-8265-771-0


It is the important edition of the religious complex of Hercules at Sabratha (Libya), of considerable interest for the knowledge of Roman architecture in the II-III century. A.D. The building, already identified by Giacomo Guidi in 1935 but completely excavated by Giacomo Caputo since 1938, is located in the insula 7 of the Regio V and consists of a porch enclosure at the center of which stands the temple, according to a typology, that of the templum cum porticibus, which, although spread in other zones of the Empire, it is very well attested in the area. Sergio Aiosa, by paying greater attention to the architectural consistency of the complex and its relationship with the urban plan, complements an earlier edition, signed by the same Caputo with F. Ghedini (Monografie di Archeologia Libica XIX, 1984), mostly dedicated to the important cycle of wall paintings that decorates the interior perimeter walls of the two terminal apses of the side porches.


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