Vincenzo_La_RosaStudy Day. Catania – Noto, November 5-6,  2015


The study day organized by the University of Catania, in collaboration with the ISVNA, aims to commemorate the figure of the Vincenzo Rosa, his significant scientific contribution in the exploration of both worlds dearest to him, Sicily and Crete, conjugated to a teaching activity professed for over forty years.

His courses Indigenous civilization of Sicily and Aegean Archaeology and Antiquities have been an important reference point for the formation of several generations of archaeologists; as part of its long and successful academic career, he served as Director of the Center of Studies on the Greek Archeology of the National Research Council of Catania, vice- Director of the Italian Archaeological School of Athens, Director of the Centre of Cretan archeology, which he founded, weaving a fruitful dialogue with the international scientific community.

He directed excavations in Sicily (Centuripe, Milena) in Cyprus (Ayia Irini) but mostly contributed, with the excavation of Haghia Triada and Phaistos, in Crete, to the full understanding of two vital centers for the knowledge of the Minoan civilization.

His archaeological work, carried out with passion and rigor, his attentive and aware eye towards students are today an important heritage to draw from in order to project towards the new generations his lesson, a lesson for the future.


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